January 6, 2010: Into the 1700s!  The first post is a “Meanwhile Back In Europe” that lays the political issues on the old continent leading up to the American Revolution.

December 12, 2009: With the posting of Hannah Dustin we’ve come to the end of the markers for the 1600s.  The 1700s see a lot of towns being founded, buildings being built, and of course a Revolution to come!

November 28,2009: Updated the Web Site Theme.  Hope you like it, it’s a bit cleaner.  Added the Packers Falls Marker that includes the tragic story of Ruth Blay.

November 25, 2009: All the Marker posts have been updated with new, more comprehensive maps that link to my Google Historic Marker collection. Also, there’s a new tab above, The Map that will will take you to a legend page, and link to the collection.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2009: The Weeks House covers the establishment of Greenland NH and is new today.  Also in the works are a few new features including a Day Trip section with maps and things to print and take along. See this post for more of what’s in store!

November 13, 2009: Two markers added since the last news update.  The First Ascent of Mount Washington, and today’s First Public School (With Witches!)  50 years behind us, there’s only 6 markers left in the 1600s.

November 8, 2009: Been a busy last few days and new Marker posts have been slow.  Never fear, I’m back on the job. The Newington Marker is new today.  The next marker will take us North into the White Mountains.

November 4, 2009: After what I thought was a near catastrophic Laptop failure yesterday, everything is back in working order today.   It’s a scary thing when you think you’ve lost all your documents and photos!  Yes, the first thing I did was burn everything to backups.

Added Marker Twofer! #103 Shapley Line and #120 Bound Rock.

November 2, 2009: Marker #32 Revolutionary Capitol, Marker #78 Oridiorne’s Point, Marker #92 Hilton’s Point and Marker #18 Isles of Shoals have all been updated with new Photos.  Marker #119 Old Landing Road added.

November 1: Some changes to the Blog today.  Use The Markers tab above for a chronological ordering of markers.  The About page has been modified a bit, combining some information from the old page layout.

After a great Road trip today, (20 Markers found around the seacoast!) many of the previously posted markers will be updated with new photographs.  Keep your eye on this space for revision alerts!


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