Marker #149 Lochmere Archeological District

21 10 2009

#149 Lochmere Archialogical District

Marker Text:

The history of Lochmere, in the broadest sense, is the history of human use of the Winnipesaukee River. Navigable by canoe, the river served as a major transportation and communications route and, with falls and rapids, it has served as a source of food and water power. Thirteen archeological sites record nine millenia (sic –Mike) of prehistory by Native Americans, and eighteen sites relate directly to the domestic and industrial life of early mill owners and the early industrial period of the village of Lochmere.

Erected in 1984 and Located in Belmont, NH  The Lochmere Archeological District straddles the Winnipesaukee River (which is also the Tilton-Belmont town line) between Winnisquam Lake and Silver Lake. The marker is located about 1 mile east of US 3, on Silver Lake Road, at the Lochmere Dam.


I chose this as the first marker to add, as it tries to pack a lot of history into one marker. Nine millennia of Native American history, transportation and communications, the Industrial Revolution, this marker defies placement in the timeline of New Hampshire History!  So I’ll get it out of the way first using the old “Hey, it talks about Native American Prehistory!”

Other than being stuffed between Tilton and Sanbornton along Rt 132, the Village of Lochmere itself has some small farms and homes as the road heads north.

*Update12/09 Updated Marker photo, and added photos below.

#149 zpic1 The river heading to Silver Lake.

#149 zpic2 Silver Lake, across the street from the marker