A Sad Day

11 04 2010

Hello Readers of Mike in New Hampshire.

This is Mike’s daughter, Jessica. This will be my first and only guest blog on my dad’s beloved blog.

Mike passed away yesterday April 10, 2010, from a heart attack. He was 51.

I know that there are some of you who visit here often, so I thought that instead of letting you wonder where he had gone and why he was not writing anymore, he would want me to let you all know.

In the past few months, I know that he worked really hard to put this blog together and to make it great. He loved New Hampshire and he loved History, so I am happy that he started this project to share these things with you.

Even if no one actually read this blog, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t care, because taking pictures, “marker hunting”, writing about them and compiling this all made his last several months full and fun.

Thank you for reading his blog, and let it serve as a small memorial to my dad. He was a great guy, and he will be very missed.

Sunday at Mike’s #5 No Update edition!

22 11 2009

I know it’s been over a week since I added the last Historical Marker, First Public School.  But I have been busy arranging things behind the scenes.

I’m relocating all my map markers from Bing to Google.  There is so much more that can be done with maps and day trips at Google.  I’ll be able to link in markers and images from the Historical sites around New Hampshire.

Day trips!  It’s a new page I’ll be adding soon with driving routes, printable maps and narratives.  Bring the kids and bring a camera.  Or if you have no kids, bring a designated driver!

This week the Lovely Carol and I went on another  road trip, visiting another 17 markers, and a Knitting shop in Dover.  She’s so good to me!  All of the Seacoast markers are done (in my archive for Blog use) and we’ll be making a few more trips through southern New Hampshire and maybe the Merrimack Valley before the snow flies too hard.  Maybe.  If it’s a nice day.  And the Patriot’s aren’t playing.

As always, The Markers page has all the markers in order by Historic date (not erected date).

Next Markers in line are the “Weeks House” (I should have that up on Monday), “Packers Falls” and the “Oyster River Massacre”!  Sounds like fun!

I’ll have a special Thanksgiving post on Wednesday so be sure to come back!

Thanks for your interest!

Sunday at Mike’s #4

15 11 2009

Sunday #4!  Has it been a month already?  Thanks to all of you who link here and visit regularly.  Now back to the usual Sunday Link fest.

Human Interest:

If you visit no other link today, view this one.  I can’t embed the video here, so click!  Dad’s home from war.  It’s only 38 seconds, make sure your volume is up a bit.

Geek Stuff:

Tried a Cloud Operating System yet?


Yep, that is running in a browser window and gives you a full suite of applications.  Access your own desktop from any computer anywhere. You can check out the one above – Glide OS – or read about a whole lot of other ones here at PC World.

Sunday Comics:

Full Story, at The People’s Cube.

The Arts:

‘2012’ Sucks Worse Than the Mayans Could Have Predicted (Warning: Not politically correct)

Sunday at Mike’s #3

9 11 2009

I’m Late!

This Sunday at Mike’s is late.  My daughter was here all day, and Blogging is not important when she’s here. Nevertheless, let’s see if we can squeeze in something before the bell tolls midnight.


Do you use Google Reader and Firefox?  Check out Feedly. Your RSS feeds will look like a magazine.  You can also include twitter feeds on the page.  Thanks to Dan Collins for the tip via Twitter.


Visit Simon’s Cat for more

Blog Words:

You may have noticed I don’t have a huge Blog Roll.  Really, how many people ever click on blog roll links?  You can find blogs all over with a blog roll that scrolls forever.  Not here.

The New Hampshire Blogs you see I follow and are regularly updated. Same for the Notable Blogs (outside New Hampshire.)  Some are political, some are crafters or writers or photographers.  All a worth a click.

Go see them.

Sunday at Mike’s #2

31 10 2009

Road Trip!

Today looks as if it will be clearing, so Carol and I will be taking a road trip to visit some of the markers I have already written about, and to grab photos of some yet to come. I’ll be updating some previous markers with fresh photos, and replacing stuff I found on the web.

Road Trip 1

Our route will take us through Exeter (Carol has her eyes on a Knitting Shop there), then out to the seacoast to Seabrook, Hampton and Rye.  We’ll finish the day at Hilton’s Point before heading home.  I’ll update this post when I’ve updated the appropriate marker posts, with links to any that I edit.

In the mean time…

Sunday Comics!



Sunday Puzzle!

Chess Problems! Select a difficulty, and try your luck.

Art Section.

The Daily Portsmouth. Outstanding Photography, from New Hampshire’s Phil Cohen.

Life Looms Large. Blog of a New Hampshire Crafter.

Periodic Pearls. Margaret Porter’s Blog. A New Hampshire author of Historical (and Romantic) Novels.

Sunday at Mikes, #1

25 10 2009

Sunday’s I’m going to take a day off from the Markers and history, and subject you to my version of a Sunday morning news magazine.


Is it cold in here, or is it just me?

Stuff for Geeks (like me)!

Even if you aren’t a Twitter user you can use Tweettabs to track junk on twitter. Plug “New Hampshire” into the search field, (or anything you are interested in) and see what’s happening.

Sunday Morning puzzle.

Find you way out of the Guest House. (Flash Puzzle/Game)

NFL Football!

What’s on in your area? NFL TV Maps has the answer.  See what games are on where you are.

Blogs you need to read:

Doug Ross, but always read Larwyn’s Links.  I have a sneaky suspicion Larwyn is not on the White House approved Linker list.

Little Miss Atilla.  Perhaps the first person that could smack down people in 140 characters or less before twitter.

Life in New Hampshire:

We closed down our Summer Camp in the Lakes Region.  Across the lake, the foliage was perfect.


We had a Pot Luck supper. There were about forty dishes and desserts.


The Bonfire on the beach lasted late into the night..


Sunday Comics:

Day by Day.

See?  Wasn’t that better than the Sunday morning talk shows?

More Markers on Monday.