Historic Marker facts that may only interest me.

4 03 2010

  • The State list is numbered 1 to 204.
  • There is no marker #189.
  • There is however a marker #122 and 122a. A 2 sided marker with different titles and text on each side.  It’s at the Mt. Washington Hotel.
  • Marker #193 Has different titles and text on both sides, but there is no #193a.
  • This marker is not documented anywhere.  It was put up in 1981.  There was only one other marker erected that year, #141.  There are already markers #140 and #142.
  • This next marker – #144 – was re-written.  The original went up in 1982 and is pictured on the right (photo dated 2007).  Today it looks like the one on the right (photo from January 2010).  It’s dated 2008. The state still lists the text from the original marker.  Any guesses to why it was changed? (Click for readable bigness).#144 First Meeting House
  • This marker was authorized by the State Legislature, not the usual agency.  “Davis Scenic Drive”. There are 2 identical ones, one at each end of the Scenic Byway.#999 Davis Scenic Drive
  • To date, there are 8 new markers located that have been erected since 2007.
  • The newest marker will be unveiled and dedicated this month in Barrington. “Deputy Sheriff Charles  E. Smith.”#903 zpic10

So there you have it.  Many of these are probably typos in the state database, or the quirks of different folks keying in the information.  Updating the state web site is a low priority right now, or so they tell me in emails.

How many markers are there really?  Hard to say.  If you happen upon a marker dated 2007 or later, jot down the title and leave a comment.  You may have found one no one else has!




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