Oof… Laptop goes boom?

11 02 2010

A whole host of demons settled into my computer today. They seem to have an in for the graphics chip and driver (it’s a laptop).

I managed to get all my data off, which is good. I’ll spare the details for now.

I’m posting this via the free WordPress app on my Droid. I will say that WordPress probably has the best mobile device support of any free blog platform.

Anyway, it may be a bit before I can get things back to normal, but I can keep up with comments and such  and keep up with all my NH blog friends as well.

Be well, and wish me Luck!




3 responses

12 02 2010
Dan Collins

Ugh! Good luck!

12 02 2010

Thanks Dan. I have it back up without any acceleration. The gpu is toast, or video memory is.

It’s almost like windows 98!

16 02 2010
Back at it. « Mike in New Hampshire

[…] decided to jump off the Hudson bridge into the Merrimack.  The good news as I mentioned in my last post was that I was able to save the data.  The even better news is a spiffy new […]

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