I See Your True Colors Shining Through

28 01 2010

It’s time again that Sue at Life Looms Large requests colors.  The colors of January this month.  Bleh.  For those of us in New Hampshire the colors of January are mostly black and white.   But January doesn’t have to be a colorless month.  You just need to sneak up on it. Never fear, software is here! And so is color.

granite tone map Click for a HUGE version.

The above photo was processed with Photomatix, the free version. (you can see the watermark in the upper left).

Here is the original untouched photo.

granite orig

What makes the photos different?  High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing.  More Color from January, enhanced with HDR software, including the free app LuminaceHDR

library tone map

The State Library

Factory  An Old Mill


Manse Franklin Pierce Manse


#25 zpic2


#25 zpic2 extreme 

An Extreme HDR image, pushing the limits of color.(click for BIG image)  This image created with the free LuminanceHDR software

  The color is in there.




3 responses

30 01 2010

Gimme that. Beautiful.

30 01 2010

Thanks Amy. I’ve taken so many pictures of marker locations this winter that were just plain bland and washed out. Shades of grey. But the color is in there!

30 01 2010
Life Looms Large

Thanks for joining in with your January colors Mike!!! Interesting to see the ways that software can really change the look of photos!

Plus I like that this is a mini not-too-technical survey of software packages. Just my speed!

The NH Weaving Guild meets right down the street from Pierce Manse. I’ve never been in there, but I find it intriguing.


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