Dinosaurs on my Doorstep

18 01 2010

A fresh fall of snow is a Dinosaur hunters best friend.  This morning the sleepy town of Hudson (along with the rest of New Hampshire) was covered with a white wet snow that clings to trees, bushes, wires and doorsteps.

After grabbing the coat and gloves to throw global warming around the yard, what should I find?  Dinosaur prints!  Wait, where are you going?  Don’t close your browser yet.  I have proof!

dinosaur Figure 1:  Itty bitty Dinosaur Prints

I know what you’re thinking, “uh, Mike, those are bird tracks….”.  Deniers! Skeptics! Why must you crush my dreams?

The origin of birds is actually still being debated in evolutionary biology circles.  But as the evidence piles up, it seems that yes, birds are actually  avian dinosaurs.  Be that as it may, I found this on the internet:

That’s right, it’s a tiny dinosaur sneaking up on a person unawares.  Good thing it’s probably an herbivore, or someone would be missing a toe.

This little guy is a Microceratops, and ate shrubs like I have in my front yard, right next to the dinosaur prints!  Coincidence?  I think not, you flat earther you.

Ok, ok.  Maybe it is a bird print.   Probably a Blue jay or Mourning Dove.  Or maybe one of those elusive Cardinals I can never seem to get a picture of because they are so skittish.

I thought the prints deserved to be preserved before I shoveled them away.




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