A Blogger, an ordinary guy, and his Book.

14 01 2010

This post is going to be a little different for me.  Those of you that come here often (all  6 of you) usually stop by to learn a bit of New Hampshire history.  I appreciate that.  This post is about an ordinary guy that was there at the very beginning of the blogging trend,  Dan Collins, and his new book “Was it something I Said?”

A disclaimer before I go on.  My politics are to the right, so some of the links here may take you to that crazy world of freedom, liberty, and all those things.  Click here if you are afraid of that stuff.

Still here? Good.  Way back before blogging platforms and gigabytes of free web space, I used to frequent a web site called Free Republic. It’s still going strong. This was back in the mid to late 90s.  I don’t know if Dan Collins was ever there but it ended up launching a bunch of web sites and blogs in its aftermath including breaking the Dan Rather fraud on the Bush National Guard memos.

Now back to Dan.  I first read his commentary at Protein Wisdom.  A great blog with great commentary, and a humorous bunch of commenters. Bookmark or add it to your RSS feed.  Really.  Now.  Go do it.    Dan was a regular writer there before striking out on his own with his brother and an expanding cast of characters.

Today Dan blogs at his site Piece of Work in Progress. He’s joined by his brother (Enoch), Meep, a lady who gives the lie to the meme that women can’t do math, and other contributors.  The topics run the gamut, and you don’t need to be left or right to enjoy the content.  Except the creepy thing at the top.  Everyone hates that.

As far as Dan’s book goes, He was asking for jacket quotes in twitter.  I gave him one.  I’m sure it’s in there, right Dan?    Dan?     …..   DAaaaaaaN!

EDIT:  I asked Dan for a comment for this review:

Unfortunately less miserable than Frank McCourt’s Irish Catholic childhood, out of which Haiti beats the crap, anyway.

I’m going to spend a few days wondering if I should try to understand that.




3 responses

14 01 2010
Many Thanks to Bob Belvedere & Mikey in New Hampshire

[…] too, to Mike in New Hampshire, who wrote some not mean things about me and proved that my psychotherapist lies. He’s got an […]

15 01 2010

I just discovered your site via Dan Collins. My wife and I are planning on moving to the Live Free Or Die state within the next several years [once or twice a year we come up and stay in Wolfeboro and have been doing so since 1998]. I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about the history of what will be our new home over the last decade and this site will be a big help. I look forward to roaming your posting archives.

FYI: Two years ago I read a great book on Governor Wentworth by Paul Wilderson: Governor John Wentworth and the American Revolution: The English Connection

Bob Belvedere

15 01 2010

Thanks for stopping by Bob!

Good books on NH History are hard to come by, however there are quite a few on line resources available. In the menu bar up top “The Markers” page lists all my history posts in chronological order.

If you can stand reading books on your computer (or have a Kindle or other such device) check out the On-Line Library links in the sidebar. They link to full books written way back when, before the taint of political correctness invaded early American History.

Be Well,

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