The Holidays, and previews.

21 12 2009

There hasn’t been a marker post for a week now, and I blame it on Christmas!  The holidays are here and family will arrive from around the country tomorrow.  Like many of you I’ve been doing secret shopping.  We call it bumble bee shopping here at Mikes.

“So Dad, what did you get me for Christmas”

“Bzz bzzz bzz!  I’ve been a busy bee!”

She’s 23 now, but the joke from when she was 7 is still around.  “Where are you going?” ,  “Bumble Bee!”.  Secret shopping.  It goes for birthdays and Anniversaries too.

Anyway, the last marker post finished up the 1600s.  My next post will be a “Meanwhile Back in Europe” covering 1700-1750.  I’ll try to get this up before Christmas eve.  Then the markers from that time.  This will take us nicely (I think) into the American Revolution and the part the sons and daughters of New Hampshire played in it.

There also may be  a story about a marker that has very rarely been heard of.  Proof of its existence is spotty, and the state denies it ever put it up.  But if I manage to find it, I’ll have a post in time for Christmas.

As always, thanks for visiting!





2 responses

22 12 2009
Life Looms Large

I was thinking you were letting us get caught up!! (I still have a few longish posts to catch up on.)

I didn’t realize until the other day that you were going in chronological order. (I somehow thought you were going in order of markers you could photograph or something. Or random. Oops!)

I guess this is my day to confess stupid things in your blog comments.

I’ll stop confessing now before it gets too embarrassing!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and mine!


22 12 2009

Hi Sue!

Yep, I’ve been trying to do them all in chronological order. “The Markers” menu item at the top of the page is a post list as they get published. If you click on “The Map” and then click on the map on that page, you’ll see I have quite a few photographed already.

And a big fat Merry Christmas right back at ya! As always, thanks for stopping by!


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