Sunday at Mike’s #4

15 11 2009

Sunday #4!  Has it been a month already?  Thanks to all of you who link here and visit regularly.  Now back to the usual Sunday Link fest.

Human Interest:

If you visit no other link today, view this one.  I can’t embed the video here, so click!  Dad’s home from war.  It’s only 38 seconds, make sure your volume is up a bit.

Geek Stuff:

Tried a Cloud Operating System yet?


Yep, that is running in a browser window and gives you a full suite of applications.  Access your own desktop from any computer anywhere. You can check out the one above – Glide OS – or read about a whole lot of other ones here at PC World.

Sunday Comics:

Full Story, at The People’s Cube.

The Arts:

‘2012’ Sucks Worse Than the Mayans Could Have Predicted (Warning: Not politically correct)




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