Marker #666 Incident at Exeter

30 10 2009

No picture of this marker is left.  All we have is the Original Text:

“Around this area, in 1965, Alien Spaceships swarmed over Exeter and the surrounding countryside, terrorizing local residents.”

The marker was located approximately 5 miles south of Exeter, on Route 108.  All that remains, is a pile of dirt.  It was erected in 1978.

Map picture

Ground zero for the Apocalyptic Alien invasion of 1965, Exeter barely escaped Vaporization. The Historian John G. Fuller dedicated his life to documenting the event.

The invasion was first spotted by a perfectly sober Hitchhiker in the middle of the night along Rt 108.  After a few pops, the local police began seeing them too!  After that, hundreds of local residents claimed to have been pillaged, beat up and made fun of by the Aliens.

Even today, the mystery remains unsolved, as local Newspapers still have 84 year old reporters in search of the truth.

And what of the Marker that was erected in 1978 and is missing? Each year the State erects an new one on the same spot, and the next morning, it’s always gone.




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