Not a Marker, but a Thank You.

23 10 2009

Thank you to the folks that mentioned this new blog as I cast Darts into the dark with high hopes.

Thank you Amy Kane. You always do a wonderful job capturing the New Hampshire Seacoast in all of it’s seasons.  Amy, if I could find some of your older things, I’d link them here.  Your Portsmouth Tea Party Photojournal was terrific.  *Update* Amy added the link to her archive in the comments. A classic: “I went down to the demonstration”

Dan Collins, Piece of Work in Progress (POWIP) doesn’t know me, except for the time I threatened to set up an Artillery Battery on the NH/VT border to keep out the kooks unless they brought money to spend, via Twitter.  Enoch, Rocketman Dan, and all, Thank you

Thank you Maggie’s Farm.  What a great collection of contributors!  I have to say though, when I see that Dunkin Donut’s coffee cup, I have to read them all.  Oh, and Bikini Pundit.  She needs her own site.

Thanks again,





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24 10 2009

Mike, my old blog Atlantic Ave is still there, at I am going to go through it at some point soon and tidy it up a bit and archive it better. (Although I am a procrastinator!) But I’ll go grab the tea party links for you and post them here this morning.

24 10 2009
24 10 2009

Thanks for the links Amy!

24 10 2009
Bob Reed

Thanks for the link Mike! I’ll check back from time-to-time…

All the best

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